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Welcome to our classroom’s blog.

Here, you will find a weekly plan of the lessons that will be carried out in class, information about outings and events, useful links, videos, photos and much more. I hope that this blog will be used by pupils and parents alike,  so that together we will improve our communication and make it an interactive blog.










1. Take away 202 from 650.

2. Which of these numbers is the largest: 1.02, 1.2 or 1.002?

3. Change 0.75 into a fraction.

4. Write 12 o’ clock noon in digital form. Use am or pm.

5. What is the area of a square with sides 7cm?

6. Which of these numbers is not divisible by 2: 298, 157 or 144?

7. Three children share 44 sweets. How many are left over?

8. How many seconds are there in 2 minutes 25 seconds?

9. How many degrees in half a turn?

10. Jemma started cleaning at half past six. She finished at quarter past ten. How long did it take her to finish? (Write your answer in hours and minutes)

11. Tristan has 225 stickers and Darian has 33 more. How many does Darian have?

12. The length of a swimming pool is 10m. Its area is 80 metres squared. Find its breadth.

13. Marlena wants to buy a fitted carpet for a room that measures 4m by 3m. What measurement of carpet does she need?

14. How many grams in 75 and a half kilograms?

15.  Kristyl drew an isosceles triangle. How many equal sides does Kristyl’s triangle have?

16. A school bag full of books weighs 6kg 350g. The school bag weighs 865g.  Find the weight of the books.

17. I think of a number. I divide it by 3 and the answer I get is 186. What is the number?

18. A cup holds 200ml of water. How many cups can be filled from 2 litres of water?

19. From a ribbon which was 168cm, Sylvia cut three fourths of a metre. What length of ribbon is left?

20. One litre of milk costs 82c. Find the cost of 8 and a half litres.









Only One Mother

Only One Mother

by George Cooper

Hundreds of stars in the pretty sky,
Hundreds of shells on the shore together,
Hundreds of birds that go singing by,
Hundreds of lambs in the sunny weather.

Hundreds of dewdrops to greet the dawn,
Hundreds of bees in the purple clover,
Hundreds of butterflies on the lawn,
But only one mother the wide world over.


Happy Mothers' Day


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