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Abbreviations worksheet

Capital letters worksheet

Finish the Pattern

Clown Place Value

Il-Prezent Worksheet

Place Value

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SOPHIE:   Who are you?

TIGER:      My name is Tiger and I am a stray cat. Who are you?

SOPHIE:   I am a pet cat and my name is Sophie.

TIGER:      You are very lucky! MEOW!

SOPHIE:   My owner gives me tuna to eat. What do you eat?

TIGER:      I eat mice because that’s what I find for dinner. I wish that I were a pet cat.

SOPHIE:   You are very smelly! Is your cousin a skunk?

TIGER:      No! I wish to go and have a bath.

SOPHIE:   Come in. You can have a bath……Here is a soap and a towel.

TIGER:      Thank you!

SOPHIE:   Don’t be long… MEOW… because my owner will see you…

TIGER:      I’m ready.

SOPHIE:   Do you want to drink a little milk?

TIGER:      Yes, of course!

SOPHIE:    Here’s some milk.

TIGER:      Mmmm! It’s really tasty! MEOW!

SOPHIE:   Do you want to eat tuna? 

TIGER:      Yes, I like tuna! Christmas has come early this year!

SOPHIE:    Here it is.

TIGER:       It’s so delicious that it tastes like heaven. Thank you for everything. Have a nice day!            

SOPHIE:    You’re welcome! Good day to you too! MEEOOWW!      

 Axl Sammut Elmer

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SHELLY: Hello, who are you?

CHARLES: Hello, my name is Charles. I live on the street. I am a stray cat.

SHELLY: My name is Shelly, I live in this house.

CHARLES: Are you happy living in this house?

SHELLY: Yes, I am very happy because I have my very own basket and blanket which are very comfortable.       

CHARLES: You are so lucky!

SHELLY: Are you hungry or thirsty?

CHARLES: Yes, I am very hungry and thirsty. I’m starving.

SHELLY: Would you like to have a bath?

CHARLES: Yes, please.

SHELLY: Come into my garden and I will get some food and water for you.

CHARLES: You are such a kind-hearted cat! 

Irielia Vassallo

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Snowy: Hello! Who are you?

Sophie: I’m Sophie a Persian cat and I’m three years old.

Snowy: Oh! I’m Snowy and I’m three years old as well!

Sophie: Where do you live?

Snowy: I live in this charming house.

Sophie: Oh that’s nice, unlike me then, because I live in the streets.

Snowy: Say, do you maybe want to stay at my house?

Sophie: Sure! I’d love to.

Snowy: My owner loves cats and I think he will love you as much as he loves me!

Sophie: Thanks!

Snowy: It’s okay. You’re welcome.

Sophie: Can we go now? I’m feeling cold!

Snowy: Sure let’s go!

Whitney Sant

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Snowy: Meow. Who are you?

Max: My name is Max. Who are you?

Snowy: My name is Snowy.

Max: Where do you live?

Snowy: I live in a villa. Where do you live?

Max: I am a stray cat.

Snowy: You need a bath and something to eat. Would you like to come to my villa? 

Max: Yes, I would like to come with you.

Snowy: You definitely need a bath, because you stink.

Max: Can I eat, first?

Snowy: Yes, you can eat, but hurry up because my owner will be here any minute now.

Max: You are a good friend.

Snowy: Let me have a sip of water.

Max: Can you wash me, please?

Snowy: Yes, I can but you must hurry!

Max: Is that your owner?

Snowy: Yes, get out hurry, hurry!

Max: I don’t know where the passage door is!

Snowy: No, we don’t have a passage door. Go to the garden, go!

Christian Farrugia

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Today, the children in year 5.3 Flamingos, enjoyed a cooking session in the school’s kitchen under the patient instruction of  Ms. Roselle Grech.

The recipe used during this cooking session, written by Ms. Roselle herself, was a winning recipe in Great Britain for the Woman magazine in collaboration with Oxo,  in a national competition called ‘ 92 for 92 – a dish for Europe’.

Ms. Roselle’s successful and winning recipe is a delicious mixture of onion, garlic, carrot, mushrooms, parsley and smoked ham. The children were over the moon and said that this pasta recipe ‘tastes like heaven’.


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