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Show & Tell (Group 3)

Axl spoke to the class about the Art lessons he took up during the summer holidays. He showed his friends a painting of himself dressed up as a Pharaoh and his collection of beautiful paintings. Axl also brought along Bolt and The Underdog as well as Teddy (like Mr Bean’s). Very talented indeed!

Axl 1

Axl 2

Josef surprised the class with a very interesting toy – a Ford model car which could be transformed into a robot! He talked to his classmates about it and showed them how the different car parts are changed into the robot’s body and his weapons. A thrilling transformation!

Josef 1

Josef 2

Annmarie brought a clown craft she has made with sequins and pins. She explained to the children how she worked on it. She also spoke about her pretty dancing doll, dressed in a wedding gown, ready for the groom to sweep her off her feet! Charming!

AnnMarie 1

AnnMarie 2

Martina talked to her friends about her MP3 (Music Player). She showed them how it works and explained the reason why she has two sets of headphones. Martina also spoke about her very original toy – a blob – which is very slippery and wild. Awesome!

Martina 1

Martina 2

Neil brought lots of interesting toys by Playmobil. He explained what kind of plastic is used and what kind of tests the toys have to go through in the factory, to ensure the children’s safety. Neil often gets the latest toys from Playmobil, before they are released on the market. Lucky!

Neil 1

Neil 2

Kimberly brought some toys which she bought from Disneyland, Paris while on holiday three years ago. Kimberly told her classmates that the holiday was a present from her parents on the occasion of her First Holy Communion. The Minnie toys were as pretty as a picture and so was Eeyore!

Kimberly 1

Kimberly 2

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I am an orange tree and I live in Buskett with other similar trees. I am as old as the hills.

In the small forest where I live, I see lots of lovely birds, insects and other living creatures. I hear the birds chirping and sometimes I also hear people talking and children playing. When my branches are full of oranges, the gardener comes and picks them. I make juicy delicious oranges! When people walk past me, I hear them saying what a lovely tree I am. I feel thrilled when they stop to admire me.

My tree friends and I sometimes talk about gardeners who cut down trees for papers. We feel terribly sad.  Sometimes a cat comes and scratches my trunk. When the gardener sprays pesticides to kill pests, it makes me sneeze and I feel sick.

I feel really proud when people praise my beauty. I am very happy living in this forest and I wish I’ll live for many more years to come.

The path where I live

Neil Borg

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I am a tree

I am an orange tree and I live in a yard. I am 20 years old. From where I stand, I see rubble walls, birds, cats, grass ,plants and I also see my friends! I hear birds chirping and twittering and feel the cats sharpening their claws on my trunk. My friends and I talk a lot!!!! We’re lucky humans can’t hear us.

People love me but sometimes I feel sad. I get sad because the house cat scratches my body when climbing. On other days I feel happy too, such as when my friends talk to me and when the children swing on my swing. I feel over the moon because I’m useful to them! My tree friends are a stone’s throw away and so it is easy to communicate. Sometimes, my owner sprays pesticide on me and makes me sneeze. There is a tree house near me. My body is wrinkled and I have a weather-beaten trunk. My brown golden leaves are shed in autumn. Sometimes squirrels use my body to rest.

The air around me is as clean as a whistle. I love my life because my friends talk to me and people are kind to me. My owner loves me and I feel cherished.

Orange Tree

Whitney Sant

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Reading time in words

Reading time in words 1

Analogue to Digital 1

Analogue to Digital 2

Draw the hands on the clock

Fifteen minutes of Pie Comprehension

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