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   Last week on Wednesday I woke up as usual to go to school but I didn’t feel well. In fact I had red cheeks, a big headache and I was shivering with cold.

   I told mum and she took my temperature. I was sick with fever so I stood in my pyjamas and went back to bed. Mum phoned the doctor. When the doctor arrived, he examined me and prescribed medicine for me. My father gave me a light snack and my mother went to buy my medicine. I was feeling terribly sick. I slept throughout the whole morning. At noon I heard the door of my bedroom open and I saw my mother entering in with a tray laden with food, so I woke up and ate a little soup. As I had already taken my medicine I felt a bit better so I switched on the T.V. I watched a good film and afterwards I browsed the internet. At  about four o’clock I read some pages from my book. I even managed to chat with some friends on my iPad. Afterwards, my grandma came to visit and she bought me some fresh oranges. I was getting better by the minute, so I went to take a bath. At seven o’clock I ate dinner with my family and at about eight o’clock I went to sleep.

   Although I wasn’t feeling well, it wasn’t that bad spending a day at home in bed because I slept and rested a lot ! But being healthy is much more fun !!! 

A Day in Bed

Kasey Azzopardi

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   It was a Thursday night. The sky was black, covered with twinkling stars. Some were big, some were small. It was a beautiful and peaceful night….

   Meanwhile, I was still wide awake in my gigantic bed. I couldn’t sleep a wink. I was as sick as a dog and I had a runny nose. My bed was full of stained tissues. My head was aching and my bones hurt. I tossed and turned the whole night. I stayed up till one in the morning. My eyes felt tired and my arms and legs couldn’t move. I was as hard as a rock. I felt giddy and weird. My nose wasn’t runny anymore bit it was now blocked. I couldn’t breathe except from my mouth, but then, my throat was dry. My sisters were sound asleep. Suddenly, I fell off my bed with a big bump. My mother woke up to see what the matter was. She helped me get up and get back bed into bed. She thought I fell on purpose and that I was up to something. She told me to stop fooling around and to go back to sleep. I told her that I hadn’t slept, all night!

   Finally, it was morning. I felt better but I was still ill. Mother decided to call the doctor and I didn’t go to school. Instead, I stayed home and slept throughout the whole day!

Sick In Bed

Martina Catania

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      One month ago, I woke up feeling very sick. I had a sore throat, a runny nose, a terrible headache and I was shivering.

    Mum took my temperature and it was hundred degrees Fahrenheit. I decided not to go to school because I was feeling ill. My mother told me that I should stay in bed to rest. In fact, I didn’t feel like doing anything. I felt tired and had aches and pains all over my body. My mum covered me with a big and cosy blanket. Then she brought a heater beside my bed and even went down to the kitchen to bring me breakfast.

    Mother called the doctor and in the meantime she gave me a little medicine to lower the fever. I fell asleep immediately. I was awakened in the afternoon, when the doctor arrived. He advised me to stay in bed and prescribed different kinds of medicine. Then the doctor left, but a few minutes later my friends came to pay me a visit. They brought me a lot of thoughtful presents. I was pampered mostly by Christian Galea who is very fond of me and who would never let anything happen to me. He is simply a true friend. At five o’ clock my friends left. I was very happy that my friends visited. They had brightened up my day!

    I was feeling better by the minute. My mother checked my temperature and it was now very low. The next day I went to school and my friends saw me again. When school ended, I was very happy. I was as fit as a fiddle!


Gary Cocker

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