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I saw Susie sitting in a shoe shine shop.

Where she sits she shines, and where she shines she sits.

How many boards could the Mongols hoard if the Mongol hordes got bored?

How can a calm clam cram in a clean cream can?

Can you can a can as a canner can can a can?

Denise sees the fleece,

Denise sees the fleas.

At least Denise could sneeze and freeze the fleas!

Four furious friends fought for the phone.

Tie twine to three tree twigs.

Green glass globes glow green.

Rolling red wagons.


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    Our neighbours are Lino,Valerie, Dale, who is six years old and their dog Ike. They live on the right side of our house.

    Their house is not small, but not too big. Their house consists of one floor, a small balcony on the front and a big yard at the back. Their house is very nice and clean. It is always spick and span. Unfortunately we don’t meet very often. Sometimes I see Valerie and Dale on my way to cathechism lessons.  From time to time,  we  go for a walk together in the countryside, especially in Winter.

    We get on very well with each other. They are fun to be with and they always make me feel welcome. We are very lucky to have them as our neighbours. Lino is a tall man and a little bit overweight. Valerie is of medium height and slim. Valerie and Lino are both good-looking and they are always prim and proper. We like them because they are kind-hearted and always ready to lend a helping hand.

    Lino works as a technician and Valerie is a housewife. We don’t hear many loud sounds coming from their house except their dog barking and Dale playing with his dog. We are fortunate to have them as neighbours.

Dale & Ike

Nicole Borg

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    My neighbours are Miss Maria Ciappara, John Ciappara and their daughter Velma. Mrs Ciappara works at the local school and she lives in Siġġiewi. I am in her classroom. John works as a policeman. Velma is still in primary school.

    Mrs Ciappara is very tall. She is so kind, nice and intelligent. Her hair is tall, straight and its colour is black. Her favourite colours are black and white. She loves reading in English and in Italian. She is very smart. Sometimes her voice is hoarse. When my mother and father went abroad, I lived with her. Her house is very big and old. John, her husband, is the perfect gentleman. His eyes are very small and he is very tall. His car is modern and long. Mr and Mrs Ciappara’s house has a balcony with plants and flowers.

    Their daughter Velma is as intelligent as her mother. She asks, ”Will I be like my mother, when I’m thirty-nine?” Her favourite hobby is playing on the computer. When I go over to their house, Velma and I play on the computer and Uno. The Ciapparas have a dog named Noel. The last time I saw them they told me, “Next month we are going to move to a new house.” I was so sad when I heard the news.

    A new family has now moved in. The new family is noisy. I miss the Ciappara family!

Ms Ciappara

AnnMarie Azzopardi

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   My neighbour is Mr. Bean. He lives on the left side of my house. I see him every single day. Sometimes he phones me and we go out for a walk in the countryside. He works as a film actor. He has a brown soft toy called Teddy.

   Last month I went to see him in a play. He was a joker. He now lives on his own because he is a widower. He is a funny, tall man and his skin is brunette. His hair is dark black and he is always smartly dressed. Mr. Bean’s facade is painted brown, because his favourite colour is brown.  His is twenty-one years old. Mr. Bean’s birthday falls on the 21st December.

   I adore Mr. Bean because he is always smiling and fun to be with. He has long rehearsal times and is frequently away from home. Sometimes he is as loud as a lion. He likes to sing and shout at his dog. Mr. Bean’s dog is brown with blue eyes. Its name is Rex. Sometimes, when I go over to Mr. Bean’s big garden, he tells me jokes.  When he wants to go to work, Mr. Bean is as busy as a bee.

   Mr. Bean is a generous man and we get on well with each other. I feel lucky to have him as my neighbour.

Mr Bean & Teddy

Kasey Azzopardi

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   Hi, I am Martina and I’m going to tell you about my neighbours. My neighbours are the Darmanin family.

   Their names are Moira, Alessio and Chiara Darmanin. Moira is a year 2 teacher, Alessio is a computer programmer and Chiara is a form 4 student. Moira works at Siggiewi Primary School and Chiara goes to Blata l-Bajda Girls’ Secondary School. 

   Chiara has a pink uniform with brownish, purplish trousers and around her neck she wears a pink floppy bow tie. Chiara has light brown hair, which is kind of golden.  She has pink cheeks and is very thin and kind. She is fourteen years old.  Moira, whom we call ‘Auntie Moira’, has brown, ginger hair. It is very curly. She likes to make people happy as she is very jolly.  Moira is always wearing a smile. She is forty-three years old and both she and her daughter Chiara, are always prim and proper.

   Alessio has grey hair but this is not because he is old.  He has a soft voice and is very quiet.  I do not know how old he is. The Darmanin family have a pet cat named Fizz.  Fizz is greyish brown and has fluffy fur.

   They have two bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room, a kitchen and a dining room. In their living room they have a Wii.  We sometimes go over to their house and play on the Wii or watch a movie.  The last time we went to their house, we watched a film called, ‘Star Dust’.

   The Darmanin family are very nice neighbours and I like them a lot.  They are very close family friends and this is the reason why we call Mrs Darmanin, ‘Auntie Moira’.  We get on very well with each other and we feel blessed with their friendship.  We are lucky to have such a considerate family as our neighbours.

Auntie Moira

Martina Catania


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Xbox, Xbox,
you’re the one for me.
I also love my 3DS
and my Nintendo Wii.

GameCube, GameBoy,
Apple iPod Touch.
I never thought that I would ever
be in love this much.

Pac-Man, Sonic,
Mario, and Link.
Your names are etched inside my mind
in everlasting ink.

Run, jump, flip, hang,
double-jump, and climb.
That’s all I want to do
with every second of my time.

This is true love.
Yes, it’s plain to see.
Xbox, Xbox,
will you marry me?


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Gret News                                                      21 ta’ Mejju, 2013

Serqa u qtil fil-Pjazza tas-Siġġiewi

Nikol Borg, anzjan ta’ ħamsa u disgħin sena, nqatel kiesaħ u biered fir-residenza tiegħu li tinsab fil-Pjazza tas-Siggiewi fis-sigħat bikrin tal-bieraħ filgħodu.

Skont rapport tal-Pulizija, jirrizulta li l-anzjan, li kien armel, kien rieqed waħdu.  F’daqqa waħda żewġ ħallelin, b’wicchom mgħammad u armati b’pistola, daħlu fil-kamra tas-sodda.  Jidher li l-ħallelin irnexxielhom jidħlu fid-dar tal-anzjan inkiss inkiss billi qabżu l-bjut u żgassaw il-bieb tal-kamra tal-bejt tal-anzjan.

Nikol Borg qam maħsud u mbeżża’.  Il-ħallelin, b’ton irrabjat, talbuh il-flus.  L-anzjan irrifjuta u wieħed miż-żewġ ħallelin tah daqqa fuq rasu bil-pistola u tilfu minn sensih.  Il-ħallelin rabtu lill-anzjan ma’ siġġu u għattewlu ħalqu b’maktur biex ma jgħajjatx.

Wara li l-ħallelin qallbu kull m’hemm, sabu biss ftit flus u ebda biċċa deheb, intebħu li l-anzjan kien qed jipprova jinħall.  Wieħed mill-ħallelin tilef il-paċenzja u spara tir fid-direzzjoni tal-anzjan li miet mill-ewwel.  Il-ħallelin fil-pront ħarbu mill-post permezz ta’ karozza.

L-investigazzjonijiet tal-Pulizija qed jitmexxew mill-Ispettur Thomas Cauchi.  Il-Maġistrat tal-għassa ordna inkjesta bl-għajnuna tal-esperti.

Il-Pjazza tas-SiġġiewiIl-Pjazza tas-Siġġiewi fejn kien joqgħod l-anzjan Nikol Borg

Greta Micallef

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