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Dogs Trust

Click on this picture and check out the Dogs Trust site. Read and play games to learn more about Dogs Trust.

Dogs Trust


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1. What is half of 700?

2. What is double 386?

3. Take away 230 from 500.

4. What is 49 more than two hundred thirty-five?

5. Matthew had 81 sweets. He ate 2 ninths of them. How many sweets has he left?

6. How many metres are there in half a kilometre?

7. What are 7 lots of 6?

8. How many sides are there in 9 heptagons?

9. A play lasts seventy minutes. How many hours and minutes does it last?

10. In a jug there are 2 litres of milk. Lisa drinks three fourths of a litre. How much milk is left?

11. What must be added to 67 to make 150?

12.  Write in figures:one million, three hundred ninety-eight thousand, four hundred twenty-five.

13.  Round 155 to the nearest 100.

14. What is the value of the figure 9 in the number 2935?

15. In a school there are 100 children. 15 children have green eyes. 20 children have blue eyes. The rest have brown eyes. How many children have brown eyes?

16. Marbles are sold in packets of 7. I need fifty-four. How many packets do I need to buy?

17. Which of the following three numbers is odd: 234, 876 or 451 ?

18. How many lines of symmetry does a pentagon have?

19. Multiply 11 by 20.

20. David wants to buy a toy that costs one euro and fifty cents. He saves fifty cents every week. How many weeks before he can buy the toy?

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Break a leg

Break a leg….a good luck said at the theatre or on stage.


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Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club form has to be handed in by tomorrow, Wednesday 15th January.


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Writing a postcard


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It-Temp ta’ Malta





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Head over heels

head over heels

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