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Zip your lip

Shut Up! Keep Quiet!

zipped lip


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Nice as Pie

Yousra and Shania are playing the game ‘Coconut’.

Michela: Can I play with you, please?

Yousra & Shania: Of course, you can!

Michela: Thank you. You two are as nice as pie.

Yousra, Shania and Michela then play ‘Coconut’ together.

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Marlena: (referring to Angelica) She’s been standing in front of the mirror for half an hour.

Angelica: I haven’t decided which eye shadow colour I am going to put on.

Jake: She is as vain as a peacock!

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The postman (Kristyl)  knocks on the door. Sheldon opens the door and calls his son, Tristan,  to join him.

Kristyl: Your son, Tristan, has won the lottery. He won one thousand Euro!

Tristan’s jaw drops in astonishment.



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Juliet: How are you?

Miguel: Not so well.

Maria: Why?

Miguel: My dog and cat died!

Maria: Oh, my goodness!

Juliet: I am sorry for your loss.

Maria: Are you OK now?

Miguel: I’m fine.


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Darian: What do you think if we go hiking to Buskett?

Zven: Sure. That sound like fun.

Shylon: It’s going to be a fantastic adventure.

Darian: Wait! We need to wake up at five o’clock in the morning!

Zven: That’s not a problem because I am an early bird.

Shylon: Hey, me too!


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Three friends are in a restaurant and the waiter walks in.

Francesca: Is that all the food you wanted to order?

Laura: Yes, that is all.

Hailey: That soup looks delicious.

Laura falls off her chair after tasting the soup. (It was poisonous)

Francesca: I will phone the doctor. Well…never mind…I am a doctor too. It’s one of my part-time jobs.

The waiter checks Laura’s heart.

Hailey: Is she dead?

Francesca: Yes.

Hailey: She is as dead as the dodo.

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