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Pizza Time!

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1. How many sides are there in 11 quadrilaterals?

2. Write quarter to nine in digital form.

3. What is half 1350?

4. Change three fourths into a decimal number.

5. What is the area of a square with sides 6cm?

6. A packet of crisps costs 40 cents. Find the cost of 10 packets. Write your answer in Euro.

7. How many seconds in 12 minutes?

8. How many equal sides does an isosceles triangle have?

9. I think of a number. I multiply it by 8 and the answer I get is 72. What is the number?

10. How long is it from 10:15 am to 12:00pm?

11. What is the perimeter of a rectangle with sides 7cm and 12cm?

12. Double 1175?

13. Write the value of the digit 7 in the number 176, 236.

14. Change 0.01 into a fraction.

15. Share 144 stickers among 6 children. How many do they each get?

16. 99 eggs are put in cartons of 6. How many are left over?

17. Which of these is the smallest number: 12.01, 21.1 or 12.1?

18. A sack full of flour weighs 12kg 655g. The sack weighs 465g. What is the weight of the flour?

19. Make the largest possible number using the digits 4, 9, 1 and 7.

20. A building is 80 metres high. Change this measurement into cm.

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Young swimmers

Swimming (5)

Swimming (4)

Swimming (3)

Swimming (2)

Swimming (1)

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