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Hooray! Hooray! It’s New Year’s Day!
The day we start anew.
So this year I’ve decided
to become a kangaroo.

Or maybe I will learn to fly,
or how to walk through walls,
or how to turn invisible,
or surf on waterfalls.

I’ll make myself elastic
and I’ll teach myself to shrink.
I’ll turn into a liquid
and I’ll pour me down the sink.

I’ll visit other planets
and meet aliens galore.
I’ll travel to the distant past
and ride a dinosaur.

I’ve got so many wondrous plans.
I’m starting right away.
Yes, this will be the best year yet.
Hooray! It’s New Year’s Day!

Kenn Nesbitt

Happy New Year!


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I baked a dozen cookies
and I put them on a plate,
and I set them out for Santa Claus,
except for one I ate.

That cookie was amazing
and I couldn’t quite resist…
so I ate another one
that I was sure would not be missed.

I knew it wouldn’t matter
if I only ate one more.
Then I gobbled up another one.
Why not? That’s only four.

I accidentally dropped
another couple on the ground.
I knew Santa wouldn’t want them
so I swiftly scarfed them down.

Another couple disappeared.
I may have eaten those,
though I couldn’t say for certain,
but I guess that’s how it goes.

I figured four was likely more
than Santa Claus would need
so I polished off another few
with unexpected speed.

Before I knew what happened
all the damage had been done,
and I realized I’d accidentally
eaten every one.

I guess it’s best, since Santa
sort of needs to watch his weight.
When he visits us this Christmas
I sure hope he likes the plate.

Cookies for Santa

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It was a Thursday afternoon and I was preparing to go to Catechism lessons.  I was just heading out of the door but in a split of a second I noticed the first droplets of rain.  Then it began to rain more heavily.

The wind sprang and after half an hour the thunder began to roar.  The thunder rumbled and rolled and lightning crackled.  I felt really sad and disappointed.  To pass the time, I went to the kitchen and began to make small and big paper boats.  After I made ten paper boats I threw them out of the window one by one into the road.  After that, I began to  draw the scenery from the window as I really like art.  In fact art is a universal language.  After two whole hours the rain stopped, I grabbed my coat and wellingtons and ran outside jumping and splashing in the puddles.  In the garden I could hear birds chirping and after all that time the sun peeped from behind the clouds.  I could see a trail of snails on the garden floor.  I was still a bit disappointed but I remembered how much fun I had during that dull afternoon.

It was not a very pleasant afternoon but at least I had some time to do what I wanted to do.  I still kept the painting that I drew.  Every time I look at it I remember that rainy afternoon.  But as they say, every cloud has it’s silver lining.

Ylenia Schembri

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Kliem ix-xiħ…

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Għorokt għajnejja waħda sew. Ħassejtni stramb u wara skoprejt li kont twil daqs lapes. Sibt ruħi fil-ġnien. Il-Ġnien kien jidher qisu foresta!

Jiena qgħadt indur ftit u ltqajt ma’ Turbo l-bebbuxu. Tlabtu biex iwassalni san-naħa l-oħra tal- ġnien għax hu kien jgħaġġel. Tant hu hekk, li f’sekonda wasalna. Mill-ewwel irringrazzjajtu. Ħriġt mill-ġnien u dak il-ħin ġejt wiċċ imb’ wiċċ mal-qattusa Miċa. Imsarni niżlu f’saqajja u ksaħt. Ma stajt nagħmel xejn ħlief nitlaq niġri. Ġrejt ġirja bis-saħħa tant li ħassejtha se toħroġli qalbi. Dħalt nistaħba ġo toqba wara t-televixin. Ħbatt rasi ma’ ħadida li kienet fin-nofs u stordejt.

Wara ftit smajt lil ommi tgħajjatli. Jiena qomt u ndunajt li dik kienet biss ħolma.

Nathan Borg

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