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1. Write four thousand, two hundred and seventy-six in figures.

2. Change two thousand, five hundred and four metres in kilometres.

3. Write twenty past 9 in the morning as a digital time.

4. How many lines of symmetry are there in a square?

5. Add together seven, ten and eleven.

6. Multiply twenty by forty.

7. What is the next number? 1, 4, 9, 16, ____.

8. Round two hundred and thirty to the nearest hundred.

9. Add thirty to two hundred and sixty-three.

10. Write the next multiple of five after thirty-seven.

11. How many grams in two kilograms, one hundred and twenty grams?

12. What is one fourth of 160?

13. A plane ticket to Manchester costs 298 euro. Children pay half price. How much does a child’s ticket cost?

14. What is double two hundred and twenty?

15. Write four tenths as a decimal.

16. Subtract twenty-five from four hundred and thirty-seven.

17. Jake drinks two hundred and fifty millilitres from a bottle of water of one litre. What fraction of a litre is left?

18. A programme starts at half past two and finishes at quarter to four. How many minutes long is it?

19. Divide sixty-seven cents equally between ten children. How much is left over?

20. Mariah has four euro in her purse. She spends two euro sixty cents. How much money is left?

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Time has wings

Time Flies

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