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A nosy parker

A nosy parker is a person who inquires about other people’s private affairs.  A nosy parker is always trying to find out information about other people.

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…If you get up and start your work early, you have an advantage – you stand a better chance of finishing your work successfully.

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happy like a whale

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Jordan: Oh! I can’t find my pen!

Lee: Where could it be?

T.J.: Look carefully for your pen, Jordan.

Jordan: It’s a very special pen. I got it for my Birthday.

Lee: Look! It’s in front of you – right under your nose!

Jordan: There it is! Thank you, dad.

T.J.: There it is! I had seen it but I thought it wasn’t yours!

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Prim and proper

Someone who is prim and proper behaves in a correct way and never breaks the rules. If you are prim and proper you are never rude.

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